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SOUTH OF THE BORDER Oliver Stone Reports. You Decide.

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SOUTH OF THE BORDER A FILM BY OLIVER STONE 2010 78 Minutes A Cinema Libre Fillm -- South Of The Border is a trip by Mr. Stone to South America where he conducts conversations with elected Presidents of several countries including Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, Evo Morales, Bolivia, Lula da Silvo, Brazil, Cristina Kirchner and her husband Nestor Kirchner (the ex president), Argentina, Fernando Lugo, Paraguay, Rafael Correa, Ecuador. Oliver Stone and Chavez also visit Raul Castro in Cuba...

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RIVERS AND TIDES – ANDY GOLDWORTHY - WORKING WITH TIME 2004 90 Minutes Directed by Thomas Riedelsheimer Produced by Annedore V. Donop Rome Releasing DocuRama DVD - Rivers And Tides is a film, which demonstrates that a documentary may be both art and actuality. Andy Goldsworthy creates his work in natural environments with materials from nature including leaves, flower pedals, twigs, pinecones, snow, sand and stone. He has traveled the world creating installations that in some cases are reclaimed by nature within a few hours of being constructed. Rivers and Tides begins in the gray white snow where one of Andy Goldsworthy’s stone, cone shaped sculptures is seen by the water. The camera pans across a colorless, rock strewn beach

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Musée Lumière Lyon, France

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The first public pay-movie event was held in Paris at the Grand Cafe on December 28, 1895 by the Lumière Company which attracted 33 spectators. The series of short one minute films were documentary subjects. The Cinematographe was invented by the Lumière Brothers, Auguste and Louis who lived in Lyon in the Monplaisir District. This event and the history the various Lumière Brothers inventions are on display at the Musée Lumière in Lyon, France.

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Inside Job tells the nonfiction story of the global economic crisis of 2008 including the history that leads up to this disaster. Inside Job goes beyond documenting the event from a historical perspective; it discusses the cause of the catastrophe, and names the culprits who cashed in, benefiting at the expense of the taxpayers. The documentary does all this in a way that is insightful and not difficult to comprehend. Inside Job is the rare documentary that definitely looks at a problems issues, causes, and outcomes, then offers solutions to stop it from happening again. This 2010 Oscar winning documentary should be seen by citizens of the United States and citizens of countries world wide. Inside Job makes a strong case for the prosecution of individuals, bankers and others involved in criminal activities including fraud and for reinstating of regulations that would prevent the banking industry from repeating the same crimes.

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Canon EOS C300, C500, 5 D Mark III and 1D C Comparison for Documentary Production

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After attending a recent screening and demo of the latest Canon EOS digital cameras I started thinking about film after one of the hosts mentioned that digital would soon be better than film quality. I also thought about comparing which of these great digital cameras would be best for documentary production. The demo and screening of the new line of Canon EOS digital cameras was held at a local Regal multiplex. Tim Smith of Canon and James Neihouse of Full Sail University spoke, showed a couple great looking films, and fielded questions. I was impressed with what I saw and heard. We also got a chance to actually handle some of the cameras. So after all was said and done I got to thinking which cameras would be the best bang for the buck for documentary work? Is the most expensive gear the best for all situations? These are all high-end digital cameras. Once you hit a certain level is it’s more about the knowledge and experience of the Cinematographer or Photographer then how many mega pixels you have?

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BALSEROS The Dream. The Journey. The Reality

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In the 1990’s a walk on a Florida Beach might reveal a washed up battered homemade raft of Cuban Origin. Seeing this might make you wonder where the people on those rafts ended up? Did they drown in the ocean, were they picked-up by the coast guard or did they somehow land on the beach? 2002 – 120 Minutes – Directed by Josep Ma Domench and Carles Bosch – Academy Award Nominee Best Documentary – Havana Film Festival Documentary Award – Winner IDA Award – DOCURAMA – NETFLIX English Subtitles

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