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Writing a Shooting Script and Editing Script for Documentary Film or Non-fiction Project

Posted by on Oct 27, 2009 in Book, Documentary, Making Documentaries, News | 0 comments

Writing a shooting script for a documentary shapes the story. In a documentary context it is a framework for getting coverage and telling a story. Additional footage may always be shot as "B" roll to along with the action footage and interview.

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Posted by on Mar 20, 2011 in Documentary Film Reviews, News | 4 comments

"Waste Land" begins with Vic Muniz, a well-known artist, living in Brooklyn, New York, who decides to return to Brazil his birthplace, to do an art project that has social relevance. Art that will somehow help the people involved. Muniz’s work mainly combines photography with other media. He has gained recognition worldwide. He decides to go to Rio de Janeiro to photograph “Catadores” who make their living picking recyclable materials out of the huge garbage dump/landfill known as Jardim Gramacho located on the outskirts of Rio. Muniz plans to take photographs of a number people, blow the pictures up, project them as templates and have the individuals participate in painting themselves with the recyclable materials or “garbage” as it’s called in the publicity. Muniz then re-photographs these “portraits.” His plan is to exhibit this work and sell prints with the proceeds going to the “Catadores.” "Waste Land," directed by Lucy Walker is an honest documentary that attempts an exploration of the shadows of perceived reality, in the hope of finding some glimmer of truth. This is an excellent documentary that deals with many issues on many levels.

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Turn Right At Machu Picchu – Rediscovering the Lost City One Step at a Time

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Adams writes he "wanted to retrace Bingham's route through the Andes on the way to discovering Machu Picchu" along with looking at other important locations. Turn Right at Machu Picchu is more than one man’s journey of exploration and discovery. It leaves you with a feeling that you’ve gone along on this adventure, done the research, heard the many stories, met the intrepid guide, John Leivers, who’s experience makes the journey possible, hiked the mountains, hiked the Inca roads and seen the awesome Apu (mountain) views. There’s also a supporting cast of characters including local Peruvian mule handlers, cooks and others.

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Third Edition – Create Documentary Films, Videos and Multimedia

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There are many ideas about what makes a documentary film. But a true documentary does not employ actors or have scenes "recreated" based on a true story or not. The 2014, 386 page, third edition of Create Documentary Films, Videos and Multimedia is a book that looks at the craft and art of telling nonfiction stories, in particular, in a documentary style. Written by James (Jim) R. Martin it is based on over 33 years of teaching filmmaking and making award winning documentaries.

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Posted by on Oct 19, 2012 in Documentary Film Reviews, News | 4 comments

A DOCUMENTARY PHOTOGRAPHIC EXHIBIT AND BOOK It must be a wonderful experience to walk though this exhibit of photographs documenting “The Family of Man,” and to linger and examine each picture depicting so much human life and activity. No narration and/or interviews are needed, each photograph speaks for itself and then joins the overall collection of pictures creating a myriad of impressions. This show is a testament to the fact that documentary actuality and explorations come in all forms, not just on film or video. The title of the exhibit was inspired by the expression “family of man” found in a speech by Abraham Lincoln.

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The Baldwin Park Documentary

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The Baldwin Park Documentary Baldwin Park in Orlando, Florida is the focus of a new documentary produced by J R Martin Media Inc that looks...

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