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Writing a Shooting Script and Editing Script for Documentary Film or Non-fiction Project

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Writing a shooting script for a documentary shapes the story. In a documentary context it is a framework for getting coverage and telling a story. Additional footage may always be shot as "B" roll to along with the action footage and interview.

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Many interviews for documentary projects are shot under less than ideal conditions in offices, at events, factories, on the street and in...

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Researching and Developing A Documentary Project

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It’s not difficult to come up with an idea for a documentary project. There are non-fiction stories around us all the time. Taking that...

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One Approach

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Where do we start, what kind of logic can we apply to telling actuality based stories? It might be interesting to borrow some ideas from...

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Making Documentaries

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DOCUMENTARY STORY TELLING Documentary story telling is as old as human life, older then cave paintings, older then Neolithic nomads...

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Musée Lumière Lyon, France

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The first public pay-movie event was held in Paris at the Grand Cafe on December 28, 1895 by the Lumière Company which attracted 33 spectators. The series of short one minute films were documentary subjects. The Cinematographe was invented by the Lumière Brothers, Auguste and Louis who lived in Lyon in the Monplaisir District. This event and the history the various Lumière Brothers inventions are on display at the Musée Lumière in Lyon, France.

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