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I was inspired to write Listen Learn Share by the realization that my work as a teacher, documentary filmmaker, writer and storyteller were actually all the same vocation. They all required me to Listen Learn and Share.

Everyone has the potential to listen and learn and then share, but it isn’t that easy. I realized that listening was an art and that in certain situations, like doing an interview for a documentary or news article, it was important to know how and what to listen for, in that situation. After writing, Actuality Interviewing and Listening, which gets in to specific listening techniques useful for many interviewing situations, I decided to look deeper into the subject. I found that listening goes hand in hand with learning and sharing. The three actions are bound together in a reinforcing circuit.

I also found that the Buddhist concept of mindfulness achieved through various forms of meditation was the key to understanding the relationship between the three corners of the triangular circuit.

Listen Learn Share goes beyond my personal experience to look at listening, learning and sharing from many different standpoints including science, psychology and philosophy. It shows how practicing mindful listening, learning and sharing can improve your life in many ways beyond the simple definitions for each word of the book title.

In many ways listening, learning and sharing is practicing mindfulness in a practical everyday way.

Listen Learn Share is available in print or digital versions on or Apple iBooks.

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